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cky50words's Journal

CKY 50 Words
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First I'd like to thank everyone who has thought of this idea before me. Pretty much the idea came from any one of those places with the pretty table and you have 50 words to go by and write 50 stories of your choice. Only this one is dedicated to the CKY/VLB/JACKASS CREW. You can also do any and everyone you like as long as it's NAME/SOMEONE IN THE CREW.

There are a few simple rules but it's basic and logical.

1. No spamming & flaming.
2. No off topic posts. Post only the story you are writing in the community.
3. You must copy and paste the table in a journal entry letting everyone know you're taking on the challenge.
4. You must comment this entry to let me know what pairing you are doing so I can update the list there.
5. You must complete the table and there is no time limit. But however whenever you are done I do promise a shinny pretty banner or something! :)
6. And lastly, most importantly have fun!

The Table:
1.Rain 2.Sky 3.Water 4.Candles 5.Clouds
6.Music 7.Paper 8.Food 9.Tour Bus 10.Eyes
11.Movie 12.Fan Fic 13.Computer 14.Happy 15.Sad
16.Handcuffs 17.Car 18.Black & White 19.Hoodie 20.Teenie
21.Guitar 22.Drums 23.Blindfold 24.Hate 25.Love
26.Fork 27.Tattoo 28.Bunk Bed 29.Lust 30.Eyes
31.Lips 32.Tongue 33.Cheating 34.Peircing 35.Sunset
36.Storm 37.Lighting 38.Smell 39.Sunrise 40.If
41.Secret 42.He 43.What? 44.Closet 45.Breakfast
46.Writer's Choice 47.Writer's Choice 48.Writer's Choice 49.Writer's Choice 50.Writer's Choice

These words only must inspire you in any way possible in order to write the fic. There is no right or wrong. Please have it to be at least no less than 100 words. And you don't have to mention the word in the fic, just as long as you let us know what prompt inspired you to write the fic.

PS. Yes, I know the word "Eyes" is on there twice, it was a simple mistake, but I firgued I leave it because you can definitely write about Eyes twice.. makes it more challanging too! ;P

Copy & Paste

Before the LJ cut tag of the story!